Celltrac - The best value Manual Cell Counters' on the market.

Celltrac & Celltrac M+ Specifications


Celltrac Std:    880-1000

Celltrac M+:     880-2001

Celltrac is a compact battery or mains powered unit for use in Medical laboratories. It is designed primarily for manually recording,totalising and displaying the numbers & percentages of different types of white cells in a blood sample being studied under a standard microscope. It has 10 summing + 2 Non summing keys.


Height:     27 mm

Width:       88 mm

Length:   200 mm

Weight:   390 gms (Celltrac M+ 400gms)


9v Manganese Alkaline (MN 1604 / PP3) or equivalent

External power input jack – 9v dc @15mA unregulated (Polarity centre positive)

GeneralLiquid crystal display 3.5 Digit

12 Cell count keys

4 Mode selection keys 

1 function key (-1)

ON / OFF slide switch

External count pulse input socket Pulse input polarity switch Key depression pulse output socket Low battery indicator Key bleep suppression switch  

Interface Connections

Key depression
Pulse output
               2.5mm jack socket

External Count
Pulse input                  2.5mm jack socket

Signal Requirements    Celltrac M+ Only    
Internal memory for 32 data sets RS232 /v24 output socket

1.5Mt Data Output Cable Included
                                                                                                                                                                   Transmission speed (Baud)switch 300 / 2400 / 9600 Mhz

Standards of Conformity

EMC                              Conforms to  EN ISO 50081-1 
                                                            EN ISO 50082-1

Safety                           Conforms to  EN ISO 610610-1

"CE"  Marking

Celltrac:Is classified within the EU as an In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device and is "CE" marked in accordance with the 98/79 EU Directive for IVD's

 Registered with MHRA(UK) & AFSSAPS(French) Notifying bodies.